Precision Engineering for the

Security & Defence Sector


We offer cutting edge, quality approved manufacture & secure storage

M-CNC Engineering have the capabilities and experience of machining specialist, heat resistant alloys such as Titanium, making them the ideal partner for the security & defence sector.

Next generation digital CMM measuring combines with an integrated ERP and CRM system to create a seamless process of manufacturing excellence. A cutting edge, bonded storage facility ensures that stock inventory and parts call off is effortless and is supported by an extensive, quality approved supply chain.

Our Capabilities

Why M-CNC Engineering?

Placing your trust in M-CNC Engineering means every project benefits from….

  • No escapes and less wastage
  • Plant and machines that run 7 days a week
  • Controlled storage / vending facilities
  • Access to a dedicated supply chain network
  • An integrated, seamless workflow and process

If you rely on precision, innovation & excellence contact M-CNC today.