Rotron Power


M-CNC Engineering are proud to be a major part of the Rotron supply chain for the manufacture of quality engine components

Established in 2008, Rotron Power Limited (a division of Gilo Industries Group) is a specialist manufacturer of advanced rotary engines for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) applications and is at the forefront of aviation technology.

Technology, quality and reliability are the natural drivers needed to develop the growth of the UAV industry and Rotron Power’s team of highly skilled personnel have embraced all three with a passion. In a relatively short period of time, they have become world leaders in supplying UAV systems featuring high power density, low weight, compact size and higher endurance lifecycles. The same technology requires less maintenance and logistical requirements, compared to other manufacturers.

Similarly to Rotron Power, M-CNC Engineering also have a passion. Not simply for engineering, but for supplying our customers with products that meet their exacting requirements: right first time, delivered on time and in full. Investing in the very latest CNC machining tools, software and staff means M-CNC deliver a quality part, to a happy customer and build strong foundations for a lasting working relationship.

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