Empire Racing


Quicker, lighter, stronger: M-CNC engineer the winning ingredients for Empire Racing’s motorsport success

M-CNC Engineering have a winning track record with Somerset based Empire Racing. The independent motorsport company has competed throughout the UK and Europe, culminating in Malta’s, Zach Zammit winning the National Maltese Event 2019.

With over 25 years of racing experience, Bill Chaplin was born with a natural competitive nature and a passionate desire to win. Bill’s love of motorcycle racing (including doing all the engineering modifications and race preparations himself) quickly evolved into a natural aptitude for building racing cars.

Assisted by world leading aerodynamicist, Willem Toet (the ex-Ferrari F1 boss of Michael Schumacher), Bill began building a winning collection of performance hill climb racing cars.

As racing success increased, Bill realised that his existing workshop was unable to cope: he needed additional, reliable engineering expertise and capacity. Bill turned to M-CNC as his machining partner, not just because of our motorsport experience, but because we understood his needs.

Our knowledge of CAD/CAM and machining meant we were able to produce parts that were lighter, yet stronger. This led to increased car performance, further wins on the race track and the development of a winning partnership between supplier and customer.

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