Klaw Products Limited


M-CNC Engineering have a proven relationship with oil and gas industry leaders Klaw Products

M-CNC Engineering have a proven and long standing relationship with Klaw Products, industry leaders in the manufacture of safety valves for oil, gas and petrochemical sectors. Mechanical failure in this sector has potentially huge implications; from environmental impact and clean-up costs to litigation and company downtime.

Klaw demand the very best from their supply chain partners. M-CNC Engineering have extensive experience of machining heat and corrosive resistant materials, making M-CNC an ideal partner for the oil & gas sector.

Quality, safety, lead time and cost: these are just some of the prerequisites to supplying the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Klaw Products use cutting edge technology to design and build safety valves for use in the harshest environments such as refineries, tankers and processing plants.

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