Engineering new horizons with an apprenticeship in engineering

Edd and Ewan the engineers of tomorrow

In just under a month’s time on the 20 and 21 October, we are proud to be showcasing The Festival Of British Engineering & Manufacturing (FOBEM). A M-CNC Engineering event based in our Bridgwater facility supported by local Somerset schools, colleges, businesses and enterprises to showcase the very best of British engineering and manufacturing.

We are proud to have engineering apprentices within M-CNC and in the lead up to FOBEM we spoke to our Quality Engineer/Lead Inspector, Edd (23) who has recently qualified and Operator, Ewan (21) who has nearly finished his Level 3.

How long have you been doing your apprenticeship?

Edd: I started at M-CNC in July 2018 after studying my Level 3 Diploma in Public Services & Engineering at Bridgwater & Taunton College. I then continued to study whilst working at M-CNC where I have now achieved my advanced apprenticeship in engineering.

Ewan: I joined M-CNC in 2017. Four years ago, I left school and worked with my dad for a short period before meeting Mark Wylde who gave me the opportunity at M-CNC. After a two week introduction, I started my apprenticeship and haven’t looked back.

Why the apprenticeship in engineering route?

Edd: I discovered the apprenticeship route whilst studying for my Level 3 Engineering at college. I went along to the college’s apprenticeship open evening where I met Leigh Howarth. He spoke about M-CNC and the opportunities in a growing and dynamic business which really appealed to me. I was excited to put the theory I had learned at college into practice.   

Ewan: The apprenticeship route really appealed to me because it gives you first hand experience of the job, you’re not just learning the theory. At the beginning of my apprenticeship I spent a lot of time at college but that has transitioned to now being full time in the workshop and completing my assessments in my own time.

What attracted you to M-CNC?

Edd: Leigh was so passionate about engineering and M-CNC that I knew I wanted to be part of this great local business. 

Ewan: It’s a local business with big ambition and being able to work and study locally to where I live, was a real bonus. The people are great and Mark is really understanding and looks to develop all his employees.  

Has engineering/manufacturing always been a passion?

Edd: I’ve always had a passion for engineering, it started when I was young playing with Lego and working out how everything worked, the love of Lego is still there but I now get to work with machines producing high quality, precision engineered components.

Ewan: Like Edd, my passion for engineering started with Lego! Engineering is so vast and there is so much opportunity it’s a great industry to be part of.

How do you balance study and working?

Edd: At the end of my apprenticeship I was mainly working full time, as it was just the assessments to finish. It’s finding the time and generally it’s an hour an evening to get the assignments done.

Ewan: If you’re passionate about something it’s always easier to find the time and to be focused. I tend to include my study/assessments at the end of my working day.

Do you think events like FOBEM are beneficial for students?

Edd: We are really looking forward to seeing FOBEM come to life, it’s a great idea and will bring engineering to the forefront for those studying and unsure about what area of engineering they want to go into.

Ewan: I’m looking forward to showing students around our workshop so they can see all of our machinery. It looks really futuristic and I think it challenges the misconception that all workshops are full of grime and grease!  

What’s next after your apprenticeships?

Edd: I’m now a Quality Engineer/Lead Inspector at M-CNC, it’s been such an eye opening experience and I’ve had so many highlights so far. I feel proud to be part of a progressive company and to grow and gain experience within it.

Ewan: I’m hoping to complete my apprenticeship in the next few months and then to continue working as a Machine Operator, gaining experience on all our machinery and moving into complex when I can.

What are you hobbies outside of work and study?

Edd: I’m a big fan of live stream gaming, such as Halo, Call of Duty and FIFA.

Ewan: Spending time with my family, gym, cycling and rugby are a few of my hobbies which gives me the chance to relax outside of work and study.

Any advice for anyone wanting to go down the apprenticeship route?

Edd: Experiencing studying full time at college and an apprenticeship in engineering I can safely say that the apprenticeship gives you such a balance of work and study, it is really fulfilling.

Ewan: If you like problem solving and practical work whilst still being able to gain a qualification then an apprenticeship in engineering is for you.

If you want to find out more about FOBEM, an apprenticeship in engineering or more information about M-CNC Engineering, please contact Leigh Howarth, Business Development Manager on or 07712 522902.