Specialist machining and engineering expertise

Looking for specialist machining combined with engineering expertise? Our ability to work with specialist materials is just one aspect that sets us apart from the competition (along with our state of the art equipment, continued investment and superior project management). 

Our experience and understanding of a wide range of materials means M-CNC are able to solve to solve much more complex problems. For example, we’re able to machine titanium, inconel and other heat resistant alloys. These can be challenging materials and not all machinists have the skill or technology required to get the best results.

Titanium machining

M-CNC are one of a select group that excel in titanium machining. Our investment in the latest technology, as well as highly trained staff, allows us to machine components in a number of grades for a range of aerospace and medical applications.

Inconel machining

Inconel is extremely strong and resistant to heat and pressure. This makes it ideal for use in challenging environments, such as the nuclear and marine industries. These desirable properties also make it very difficult to machine, which is why many don’t have the equipment or expertise for the job.

If you’re looking for experienced inconel machinists, M-CNC Engineering are more than qualified.

Looking for specialist machining?

Does your industry or sector need specialist machining of titanium, inconel or another challenging material? Contact us with your requirements. M-CNC Engineering have over 20 years’ industry experience and constantly invest in our staff and equipment, which means we’re able to provide the very best in service and product.