Precision milling for the aerospace industry

M-CNC has extensive experience providing precision milling for the aerospace industry. We have built an enviable reputation in the aerospace industry for providing excellent, quality milled components that meet the high standards required in aerospace machining services (precision to the last 0.001 of a millimetre). In an industry like aerospace, where failure is not an option, our quality output is highly regarded and sought after by our customers.

CAD-CAM Integration

M-CNC Engineering use specialist CAD-CAM software to integrate design and manufacturing processes, ensuring the continued level of accuracy required for precision milling in the aerospace industry. Our specialist staff work with CAD-CAM software and state of the art machinery to produce machine parts that are second to none.

The advantages of our integrated approach to precision milling in the aerospace industry include a reduction in waste and additional time saving, both of which result in lower costs for our customers.


The highest standards are paramount within the aerospace industry and as we work towards AS9001(the ISO standard for the aviation industry), we continually strive to create a centre of engineering excellence. Part of this ambition was highlighted in M-CNC’s recent investment of £2.75 million in machine tools and automation, putting the business on track to triple in size since its launch seven years ago.

Specialised precision milling for the aerospace industry

If you’re looking to partner with a precision engineering firm for your next aerospace project, contact M-CNC today.