M-CNC invest in 3D surface machining technology

3D surface machining specialists

In reaction to growing customer demand M-CNC have once again invested in expanding their cutting-edge plant list. A growing trend of having to engineer more complex, higher value components means investment, specifically in simultaneous 5-axis machining.

The Mazak i500: 3D surface machining excellence

M-CNC opted for the Mazak i500 a product that will reduce our learning curve and enable production to commence smoothly and quickly. Not only does the Mazak i500 have a compact footprint, it’s 500mm diameter machining envelope offers excellent accessibility. This large opening to the machining area means the operator can load and unload components without being restricted by overreaching when setting the machine. The ability to add automation at a later date means the Mazak i500 futureproofs our capacity for production.

5-axis maching expertise

The Mazak i500 Mazatrol software features excellent operator programming features, which when combined with the “smooth” feature allows for complex full simultaneous 5-axis machining. With an industry-proven post processer for our Hypermill Cad/Cam software, it’s proving to be a formiddable addition to the M-CNC production line. Combined with outstanding service and support, M-CNC believes that the Mazak i500 firmly establishes our engineering credentials.

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