Engineering apprenticeship paves the way for business growth

engineering apprenticeship – a ‘back to basics’ approach

For a long time M-CNC have recognised a lack of skilled machinists within the precision machining and engineering sector. This skill gap isn’t limited to the southwest – it effects the entire industry on a nationwide scale.

M-CNC believe that in order to futureproof our growth and maintain our expertise, we must adopt a ‘back to basics’ approach.

Once again, M-CNC have committed to investment in the recruitment, training and development of young individuals who aspire to become the UK’s next generation of highly skilled CNC programmers and machinists.

Working closely with Bridgwater Engineering College, M-CNC have put three, talented young engineers through their paces on an engineering apprenticeship course. The results have been excellent.

Our apprentices are now able to not only set our multi axis machines, but also programme them to produce high value, quality components that meet our customers specifications and needs,

As a result of this success, M-CNC are pleased to announce that our latest investment is not in more high-tech machinery, but in our greatest asset: our staff. Ewan Redwood, our latest apprentice, joins the M-CNC team at a pivotal time of expansion.

Initially spending his time at Bridgwater College, Ewan is embarking on the road to becoming a precision engineer, developing the skill sets that will help him to reach his goals and add much needed resource to a cutting-edge, booming industry.

M CNC Ltd new engineering apprentice Ewan